Personal Postcards With Postcard Plus

Every day millions of pieces of mail are sent across the United States or internationally, many of these pieces of mail are your typical and expected things; letters to grandma, legal documents, birthday cards, and the like. All of them very plain and unassuming with a rare crayon doodle from little Timmy strewn about the heap of recycled paper and stamps.

A postcard from an exotic location might crop up now and again, though these postcards are typically found in gift shops across the world and stamped out en masse using stock images of the places that they are supposed to represent and so it becomes hard to tell if that ‘wish you were here’ letter actually came from Paris or the Sip ‘n Serve just down the street.

With the ubiquity of modern cell phone technology however, options have opened up in the form of postcard apps that promise to break up the monotony of the reams of colorless letters to home with personalized photographs taken from the users mobile device. One of the better examples is an iOS App called Postcard Plus.

When a picture is more than a picture:

Getting started with Postcard Plus is a simple matter of downloading the app and installing it. Pictures taken through the app can be customized with templates, allowing the user to rotate, zoom, add custom text, and even frame using a number of templates to suit any mood.

After this, the user then adds a custom description on the back along with the shipping address and pays the nominal printing fee, and a new postcard is born. The card stock that is used is professional grade and very durable, ensuring it will survive the trip even if your the sender’s luggage didn’t.

One of the major concerns with any postcard app is the quality of its inks and paper as well as print quality. Postcard Plus steps up their service here by using high quality inks and card stock. The resolution of the images is superb; sharp lines, vivid colors, and a strong gloss coating to protect it all from damage reinforce the notion that component quality is every bit as important as your postcard.

Combining good-quality card stock with sharp, vivid images is just the beginning. Anyone who has ever done any serious traveling understands how difficult it can be to find that perfect shot, which is why Postcard Plus offers simple to use templates to frame the image, and in-app tools allowing the user to modify the image before it gets sent off.

Add this to the growing list of features, such as being able to duplicate created postcards—each with different addresses, if desired—and this may in fact be the most useful application for any serious traveler with an iPhone, aside from language translation.


In a day and age where everything is digital, there are still certain personal touches that can never be equated by attaching an image to an email, or posting it on Facebook. This is where postcard plus, and other postcard apps really shine, instead of trying to do something that everybody else does the Internet, they feed into a very specific, often underutilized tool of human communication; the mail.

So, whether it’s a letter to grandma or a ‘wish you were here’, there are plenty of options, but only one of them with the personal feeling of a hand shot postcard from your next travel destination.